Hioki MR8740 MEMORY HiCORDER – Layanan Penjualan Di Indonesia

Hioki MR8740 MEMORY HiCORDER – Layanan Penjualan Di Indonesia


The MR8740 is rack-mountable data acquisition system that delivers high-speed, multi-channel measurements over maximum of 32+22 channels. The MR8990 DVM module is a 2-channel input unit for the MR8740 for measuring minute fluctuations in output from sensors in automobiles and other equipment and voltage fluctuations in devices such as batteries at high levels of precision and resolution. Use with the Arbitrary Waveform Generator Unit U8793 to create a function generator, arbitrary waveform generator, and waveform measurement in a single device.



Key Features Hioki MR8740 MEMORY HiCORDER

• Introducing the DVM Unit MR8990 with high 24-bit resolution! Perform high-speed, high-accuracy measurement without going through a scanner.

• Support for multi-channel measurement (MR8740: up to 54 ch)

• Isolated input (between input channels; input-to-chassis isolation: maximum input-to-ground rated voltage of 300 V AC/DC)

• High-speed sampling (max. 20 MS/s; with 54-ch type, simultaneous sampling of up to 32 ch)

• Ideal for rack-mounting (4U height/within 180 mm; display-less, box-type design)

• Display waveforms and make settings on a DVI-D connected monitor and mouse

• Remote measurement via LAN using control commands from a PC

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