megger tdr2050

Megger TDR2050 Cable Locator – Layanan Penjualan Di Indonesia

Megger TDR2050 Cable Locator – Layanan Penjualan Di Indonesia

Jual Megger TDR2050 Cable Locator

The TDR2050 is a tough, two-channel cable fault locator for power applications. Designed for the location of faults in electrical power supply cables, the TDR2050 is supplied with fused test leads that are rated to CAT IV 600 V and are dust and weatherproof to IP54, making it ideal for working on site or in the field.

This time domain reflectometer has a host of automatic features, such as Auto Setup, which can help you get useful traces fast, and the AutoFind function, which assists the interpretation of these traces. Expert users have the ability to manually override these automatic functions, enabling them to fine-tune the diagnostics to help them identify hard to determine faults.

megger tdr2050
megger tdr2050

Key Features

  • CAT IV 600 V input protection
  • IP54 rating offers real life working
  • AUTO set up mode for instant, easy use
  • AutoFind and FindEnd functions helps find the fault fast
  • Trace tagging facility that allows a name to be saved with the trace
  • Distance dependent gain to counteract signal attenuation
  • Step function to improve detection of near end faults

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