Hioki DT4223 – Digital Multimeter – Jual Beli Info Spesifikasi Harga Dan Review

The Hioki DT4200 Digital Multimeter Series consists of a diverse array of meters ranging from professional to industrial to pocket meters, delivering a super fast response rate and safety features that take electrical testing to a higher level. The Hioki DT4223 is a pocket-sized digital multimeter featuring an innovating circuit-breaker false trip prevention function to enhance testing safety and a built-in voltage detector, ideal for electrical inspections.


Product Description

Hioki DT4223 – Digital Multimeter – Jual Beli Info Spesifikasi Harga Dan Review

Jual Hioki DT4223 Digital Multimeter

Spesifikasi Digital Multimeter Hioki DT4223

This functionality keeps errors in instrument configuration from resulting in an electrical accident. Even if the instrument’s rotary switch is mistakenly set to the resistance function when attempting to measure voltage, placing the probes in contact with the circuit under measurement will not cause a tripped circuit breaker or electrical arcing.

Key Features

• Achieving a high level of safety in a compact body and lightweight design

• Circuit breaker false trip prevention function helps avoid accidents resulting from breakers that mistakenly trip due to incorrect input

• Resistance measurement and voltage detection function

• Robust design capable of withstanding a drop from a height of 1 m

• Test leads conveniently wrap around the back

• ±0.5% DC V basic accuracy, wide 40 Hz to 1 kHz AC V frequency characteristics

• Low-pass filter cuts high harmonics (when measuring inverter fundamental waveforms)

• Broad -10 (14°F) to 65°C (149°F) operating temperature range

• Display backlight CAT IV 300 V, CAT III 600 V


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