MEGGER KF875 Oil Test Set

Product Description

Optimised for testing insulating oils with a specific gravity of 0.875, the Megger KF875 simply requires the operator to press one button and inject a 1ml sample into the test cell. The simple ‘one touch’ operation makes the KF875 so easy to use that it requires no specialist knowledge or training to use it effectively. Results are presented on the instrument display and on the integral printer in both micrograms of water and in milligrams per kilogram (parts per million, ppm).

The unit eliminates inaccuracies with ACE Control System – some Coulometric Karl Fischer sets are susceptible to inaccuracies due to changes in electrolysis cell resistance, which requires frequent checking of the titrator efficiency by analyzing known water content standards. The KF875 and the KF-LAB MkII remove this need by using the patent pending ACE (Automatically Compensated Errors) Control System. This guarantees that the electrolysis current produced and the count rate displayed are always correctly synchronised, regardless of changes to the electrolysis cell resistance.

The printer may be disabled if not required and results can be calculated in ppm, mg/kg, % and micrograms. For extra flexibility, the results may be calculated based on the weight of the sample or based on the volume and specific gravity of the sample.

The KF875 uses Karl Fischer coulometric titrimetry – the industry standard method for determining moisture content (ASTM D1533, BS EN 60814:1998, IEC60814:1997).


Coulometric Karl Fischer titrimetry.
Optimised for insulating oil with an SG of 0.875.
Highly portable and designed specifically for outdoor use.
Using the ACE (Automatically Compensated Errors) Control System.
May be powered by internal rechargeable batteries or from the supply.

The KF875 is designed to work with all major coulometric Karl Fischer reagents, either pyridine free or pyridine based.

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