MEGGER SFX32 – SFX40 32KV , 1750 J Cable Test and Fault Location System

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Product Description

Surgeflex 32 is a mobile system for testing and fault locating on low and medium voltage cables. The powerful ARM (Arc Reflection Method) is used for prelocation of high resistance faults up to 32 kV. Should conditioning of  faults be required, it is possible by short-term burning at all voltage levels.

The SFX 40 is a mobile, multi-functional system for testing, prelocation, pinpointing and converting cable faults in low and medium voltage networks.

The system is directly controlled via CAN Bus by the connected Teleflex SX or via the integrated PLC operating panel. All functions of the system can be easily performed using the rotary encoder. The system supports easy and clear handling, even for inexperienced users.

  • Safe and fast fault location with latest Teleflex SX technology
  • High surge energy for effective pinpoint locating
  • Various fault location methods included
  • DC Testing up to 40 kV ARM, ICE and Decay Method integrated
  • Operation by VGA Display and single button rotary encoder
  • High surge energy for the acoustic pinpointing of 1000 J with the option of 2000 J
  • Surge voltage levels for MV cable 0 to 12.5 or 25 kV or 0 to 16 or 32 kV
  • Surge voltage levels for lower voltage 0 to 3 or 6 kV or 0 to 4 or 8 kV
  • Integrated safety system

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