Radiodetection RD547 water-leak specialist single control

Product Description

The RD547 is a single control unit that allows the water-leak specialist to use both acoustic and tracer gas methods for the location and pinpointing of leaks. Optional accessories allow the user to customize their toolkit to meet their business needs.
The control unit features a color touchscreen display with LED backlight for ease of reading in daylight.  For acoustic measurements the control unit features a “Smart Mode” which uses advanced signal processing methods to determine if the noise measured is consistent with the noise of a leak.
Displayed alongside the traditional geophone result, this measurement gives the user greater confidence in their results.


Three acoustic devices are available
• Universal microphone: optimized for flexibility this general purpose microphone comes with range of attachments, making it suitable for fittings or ground measurements.
• Ground microphone, (geophone):  with a windproof shield and lower frequency capability the ground microphone is optimized for outdoor use.
• Test rod: extendable tips and rigid handle allow measurements to be taken on deeper set utility fittings.

When tracer gas is a better option for leak detection, a ground sensor for the detection of hydrogen can be attached. The sensor has a battery powered pump in the handle to enable faster uptake of samples.