Hioki MR6000

Hioki MR6000 Memory Hicorder

Cemandiri jual Hioki MR6000 Memory Hicorder dengan harga yang kompetitif dan layanan purna jual yang lengkap. Dapatkan berbagai alat ukur dari Hioki di distributor resmi Hioki Indonesia.  Jual Hioki MR6000 Memory Hicorder

Product Description

HIOKI MR6000 Memory Hicorder

Jual HIOKI MR6000 Memory Hicorder

The MR6000 overcomes all barriers to reach new ground and meet challenges that are yet to be seen. World class specifications, operability and design – Hioki’s newest memory recorder has been re-engineered from top to bottom, delivering unprecedented performance that will change how you look at waveform recording.

Key Features Hioki MR6000 Memory Hicorder

• Work efficiently and intuitively using the MR6000’s large touch panel

• Capture momentary phenomena by performing isolation measurement at up to 200 MS/s (when using the High Speed Analog Unit U8976)

• Enjoy a stress-free user experience thanks to dramatically faster saving of data

• Save data in real time while measurement continues.

• Take advantage of new functionality added by the latest firmware update (April 2020)

Basic specifications (Accuracy guarantee period: 1 year, Accuracy guarantee period after adjustment made by Hioki: 1 year)

MR6000 MR6000-01
Additional function N/A Real-time waveform calculation, Digital Filter calculation
Number of input units Max. 8 units
Number of channels Max. 32 analog channels (when using the U8975), or 128 logic channels (when using the 8973)
Measurement ranges (20 div full-scale) 10 mV to 400 V f.s., 12 ranges (when using the U8976), Resolution : 1/1600 of range
4 V to 200 V f.s., 6 ranges (when using the U8975), Resolution : 1/32000 of range
Max. allowable input 400 V DC (when using the U8976), 200 V DC (when using the U8975)
Frequency characteristics DC to 30 MHz (when using the U8976), DC to 2 MHz (when using the U8975)
Max. sampling rate 200 MS/s, all channnels simultaneously (when using the U8976)
External sampling: 10 MS/s
Recording methods Normal: Normal waveform recording
Envelope: Record maximum and minimum values every fixed period
Storage memory capacity 1 G-words
Removable storage SD memory card ×1, USB memory ×7, SSD/HDD (built in the main unit) ×1
FTP transmission (to LAN-connected computer) *Use only Storage Media sold by HIOKI.
Display 12.1 inch XGA-TFT color LCD (1024 × 768 dots)
External interfaces LAN, USB, SD, SATA, Monitor output
Power supply 100 to 240 V AC (50/60 Hz) (300 VA max.)
Dimensions and mass 353 mm (13.9 in)W × 235 mm (9.25 in)H × 154.8 mm (6.09 in)D, 6.5 kg (229.3 oz) (main unit only)
Accessories Power cord ×1, Quick start manual ×1, Precautions conserning use ×1, Application disk (CD-R) ×1, Instruction manual (CD-R, detail and calculation) ×1 , Blank panel (for blank slots only)

Jual Hioki MR6000 Memory Hicorder 

Cemandiri jual Hioki MR6000 Memory Hicorder dengan harga yang kompetitif dan layanan purna jual yang lengkap. Dapatkan berbagai alat ukur dari Hioki di distributor resmi Hioki Indonesia.  Jual Hioki MR6000 Memory Hicorder