hioki  3470

Hioki Magnetic field HiTester FT3470-52

Product Description

3-Axis Magnetic Field Testing According to IEC 62110/IEEE 644, IEC 62233 and ICNIRP 2010 Guidelines

Hioki magnetic field testers are designed to measure magnetic flux density and level of magnetic field exposure, and can be used to assess conformance to ICNIRP 2010 and IEC/EN62233 and in research on magnetic field exposure. The FT3470-52 measures magnetic flux density and magnetic field exposure generated by products manufactured at a customer site or produced by devices in a customer environment, and comes bundled with 2 sensors

• Complies with ICNIRP 2010 guidelines as well as other relevant standards for evaluation testing.
• Complies with IEC 62110/IEEE 644 and IEC 62233.
• Bundled with 3 cm2 sensor used for magnetic field distribution analysis, and 100 cm2 sensor required for IEC/EN 62233 standard analysis
• User-selectable display units (T, A/m, and G)
• Simple operation for easy measurement
• Bundled with PC application software
• Level output for RMS value, or 3-axis waveform output for magnetic fields